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        Food Packaging

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        The market for safe, flexible food packaging continues to grow. Flexible food packaging creates unique adhesive, printing and coating challenges. Ashland applied sophisticated chemistry to create solutions to help you remain compliant while keeping one step ahead of the competition. Food safety seems to be in the headlines every day, and consumers are increasingly concerned. Packaging technology keeps changing, and with every advancement seems to come a dozen more challenges. Today, the industry can’t afford a mistake. Check out all flexible packaging options from Ashland.

        At Ashland, we’re developing safe solutions you can trust. We’re listening to the needs of food companies and converters – to you – to collaborate on products that go beyond industry standards to a level that is “Fit-For-Use.” Our expertise in design, synthesis and scale-up of new polymer chemistries helps us develop innovative adhesives, sealants and coatings that are the basis for your next-generation food packaging.

        Ashland’s line of adhesives includes water-based, solvent-based and solventless products.

        • Flexible packaging adhesives
        • Laminating adhesives
        • UV/EB overprint coatings
        • Water-based overprint coatings
        • Custom-formulated specialty coatings

        We are not just creating solutions, we’re shaping the industry. Raising the bar by shaping new industry guidelines and creating products that outdistance current standards.

        Ashland | Labelexpo 2019 - Migration Compliance

        Who helps keep food safe? We do. Ashland’s PureRad™ UV curable migration-compliant range of coatings, adhesives and primers, together with our regulatory expertise and analytical capabilities helps customers with the integrity of their labels for safety and compliance. View the video below to learn more from our solver Bradley Smith.


        Food packaging products are listed below.


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        Ensure that your flexible packaging is at zero risk of amine migration by specifying Safecure A320/B440 solventless laminating adhesive. This solvent-free aliphatic polyurethane adhesive provides excellent safety performance for the vast majority of foods. Additionally, it offers fast cure, UV stability and a potential lower overall packaging cost due to manufacturing efficiencies. And with zero amine migration, it mitigates the possibility of co...

        Purelam? Safecure solvent-free laminating adhesives

        Purelam™ is a two-component solventless, aromatic polyurethane laminating adhesive system suitable for bonding flexible packaging materials. Purelam has been formulated to exhibit exceptional performance when applied to metalized films or aluminum foil. Purelam is FDA compliant and is typically used in flexible packaging markets for products such as snacks, meats, confectionery and cheeses.

        Purelam? aromatic solventless laminating adhesive

        Purethane™ adhesives are waterborne urethane, acrylic and/or hybrid systems designed for dry bond laminating of flexible packaging materials. They are specifically formulated to provide excellent coefficient of friction (COF) stability, without the need to add an external slip additive package. Purethane adhesives have very low odor retention. They can be used either as a one-component or two-component systems for applications where moderat...

        Purethane? water-based laminating adhesive

        Ashland's PureSeal™ cold seals and heat-activated adhesives/coatings are formulated for a variety of end-use markets and applications, such as food, medical and industrial packaging, and paper upgrading and labels. PureSeal water-based cold seals are natural rubber latex, synthetic or hybrid blends. PureSeal heat-activated adhesives are synthetic emulsions based on styrene acrylic polyurethane and vinyl acetate emulsions, formulated to bala...

        Pureseal? water-based cold seal and heat activated adhesives

        Ashland's Purekote™ water-based overprint coatings and primers are coater-ready for a variety of coating methods, including flexographic, offset/lithographic, gravure, meyer rod and screen. Our coatings can also be formulated to meet specific government regulations (FDA, Prop 65, CONEG) as well as compliant with specific CPG companies’ specifications. Ashland’s Purekote water-based coatings offer superior performance with consis...

        Purekote? water-based styrene acrylic urethane and hybrid adhesives

        Purelam™ Fastcure is a two-component solventless, aliphatic polyurethane adhesive system suitable for bonding flexible packaging materials. This adhesive was specifically designed as a fast cure system with final bonds obtained within 48 hours under ambient conditions without the need of a hot room post-cure. Composed of two components, it is used in food and industrial flexible packaging applications that require an aliphatic polyurethane ...

        Purelam? Fastcure aliphatic solventless adhesives

        PureRad™ UV/EB cured laminating and pressure sensitive adhesives are engineered for film/film, film/paper or metalized film to film applications. PureRad UV/EB adhesives have been developed with a robust formula and tested for use with various inks, including water-based, UV/EB, solvent and digital inks. Some of our patented formulations have been specifically designed for low migration and metalized film applications.  Additionally, w...

        PureRad? ultraviolet and electron beam laminating adhesives

        enhances performance for the most demanding flexible packaging applications Offering both aliphatic and aromatic chemistries, Solvester™ portfolio of laminating adhesives delivers outstanding bond performance, aggressive ingredient resistance, low migration performance and ideal cure times of three days or less at ambient temperatures. features and benefits: low migration performance 3 days or less cure time slit and pouch in under 6 hours...

        Solvester? laminating adhesives portfolio


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